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Cranio has been hugely transformative in my life. During my first session I was intrigued by the fact that whilst lying still on a massage table and being held by hands that were still, so much moved and shifted in my body. I felt safe and seen. I visited such deep places within myself. After the treatment not only did my sore back feel better, but I also felt spacious, calm and incredibly relaxed. 

After many years of self inquiry and exploration through my work as a yoga practitioner and teacher this felt like a welcome and complementing new path. 

The transformative potential of compassionate listening, the possibilities with an allowing presence, the power of stillness, the orientation to health; all this makes Craniosacral Biodynamics a unique, gentle yet deep healing modality. 

Not long after that first session I started the 2 year training at CTET in London and graduated in 2020. Healing has since become an ongoing gentle holistic process, that helps me understand myself and relate to others.

Aware of the responsiveness and huge benefits of Cranio with babies and toddlers I decided to do the postgraduate training in Craniosacral Therapy for Mothers and Babies soon after graduation. 

I feel very lucky to have come across this path and warmly welcome you to experience the benefits of it!

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